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Rescue and Rehabilitation 

We have an international team that saves orphaned baby skunks, injured skunks, and pet skunks that their owners don't want any more.  Anyone who gets actively and intimately involved with wild creatures finds unexpected personal rewards.  We gain a sense of unity of all nature - feeling that in preserving nature we are preserving a part of ourselves.  The health of our wildlife community is an indicator of the health of our planet and of the future health of man himself.

  We gather valuable rabies statistics by interviewing past and current skunk rehabilitators and owners, health officials, veterinarians, and by studying the animals that are cared for by our team.   
  Our mission is to teach the public how to coexist with their backyard wildlife neighbors, and to be open to humane solutions.  We developed a network of consultants to help people in their community that have skunk questions and problems.  We inform the public that skunks are important to the balance of nature and are garden friendly.  We also consult people on their skunk problems, hopefully so that adjustments can be made to live in harmony together.

In schools we help children relate to the world of nature, especially to learn that animals are something quite different from a target for rock throwing or BB practice.  We teach all professionals who have the need to deal with the skunk how to avoid getting sprayed, so they won't be so quick to kill them.  We make others aware of the importance of protecting animals, and also like to share some of the enrichment these sweet wild creatures bring to our lives working with them.

  Skunks aren't difficult to prepare and adjust for release.  They are released in the hills or woodlands near where originally found, but it is best to release on the property once the problem has been solved.

The domestic skunk club, Skunks As Pets, is slandering the Founder of SKUNKS and publishing false information about her on their web site.  This is harming her reputation, her important work, and ultimately skunks.  I thought Skunks As Pets was supposed to care about these animals!?  If this so-called skunk club doesn't remove this libelous information, they will be sued for libel.

The libelous statement supposedly written by Lt. Joe Baima, was when he was preparing to retire.  He hasn't been a warden in five years.   The little publication isn't even in existence any more.

Cindy Wood, CA F&G warden, stated to a wildlife rehabilitator that the libelous statement isn't true, that Share merely can't rehab in her home until she gets a permit.  She can certainly volunteer at other rehab facilities, and work with skunks in every other capacity, and has been for the last five years.


Contribute, volunteer, or if you need us, call (661) 264-4400  or: skunks11@aol.com

If you find yourself bothered by a skunk den under your porch or somewhere similar, simply give a call to a wildlife control company; they'll be able to handle it in a humane and unharmful manner.

For information about wildlife in attics, visit the raccoon attic guide and squirrel attic guide.







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